Adventure Writing Contest 2019


Huge thanks to everyone who participated in this competition, and a well-deserved triumph to our winners!

1st Place: Rite of Passage by David South & Mitchell Wallace

2nd Place: The Swamp’s Song by Marco Pagnini

3rd Place: Born of Graves by Timothy Olenio

Contest Entries

The Blue Tower (1416 words)

To Silence a Drunkard (1819 words)

The Listless Village (1360 words)

Pirates of the Veloma (2576 words)

The Saga of the Stone Hunters (1634 words)

Song for Fallen Feathers (1199 words)

The Cave Under the Lake (1427 words)

A Heart in Darkness (1200 words)

Alseher (1475 words)

The Skald’s Poem (970 words)

Blight Spoor in Blackmoor (1498 words)

Davokar’s Protectors (1792 words)

Born of Graves (1496 words)

Witch Marks (1499 words)

Golden Scrofar (1486 words)

Oroke’s Eye (1488 words)

The Swamp’s Song (1352 words)

Lovesick Caravan (1444 words)

Rite of Passage (1500 words)

Love Forlorn (1491 words)

The Sceptre and the Blade (1491 words)

Ballads of Blackhawk: The High Troubadour (1495 words)

The Island Ogres Forgot (1498 words)

Feast of the Willow (1498 words)

The Race (1471 words)