Presenting: Rite of Passage

Merry Christmas, Ambrians! The midwinter solstice has passed, and now Prios’ glorious visage has been reborn to climb higher and higher in the sky. To celebrate, here’s a little present for you my friends!

The promised reward for the first place in the Symbaroum Adventure Writing Contest was a professional layout by yours truly along with commissioned art. The first place was won by David South and Mitchell Wallace, so since the competition closed we’ve been hard at work with our talented artist Nicolas Arnold to deliver the best possible material to go along with South and Wallace’s excellent adventure Rite of Passage.

Now everything has been put together and is ready for you to read and play! Rite of Passage is an excellent starting position for a new group that wants to explore the culture of the barbarian tribes of Davokar.

Download Rite of Passage here

2 Replies to “Presenting: Rite of Passage”

  1. Holy Moly! I can’t wait to take this one apart to play with my group. It was so much fun to watch on YouTube, I only wish, that included more barbarian culture, lore, and combat. That’s the great thing about this setting and this game, is how adaptable it is! Thank you!

  2. Great Scenario!

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