Elion the Unkindled

The flames did not touch his body, but they took hold of him much like they took to his burning god.

A vision of Prios – the corpse of the Sun God chained to a smoldering orb of coal – destroyed Elion’s career as a priest and theurg. In his enlightenment following the revelation, Elion knew in his heart that Prios was dead, and that the Divine Magic was nothing but men blowing on the embers of a rotting divinity. For speaking about his sights, Elion was declared a heretic and sentenced to be burned at the stake.

The flames did not touch his body, but they took hold of him much like they took to his burning god. Knight-Commander Vearra of the Sun Knights saved Elion from further attempts at execution, and although the church’s larger factions want the heretic silenced there are many who cannot help but see the Unkindled as one of the Lawgiver’s chosen, and therefore untouchable. Indeed, in Iakobo Vearra Elion has found an attentive listener eager to hear Elion’s interpretation of Prios’ fate.

Elion the Unkindled

Race  Human (Ambrian)
Resistance  Ordinary (50 XP)
Traits  Privileged (House Elandel) or Contacts (Knights of the Dying Sun)
Boons  Fire Forged
Burdens  Mystical Mark
Accurate 5 (+5), Cunning 10 (0), Discreet 9 (+1), Persuasive 15 (-5), Quick 10 (0), Resolute 11 (-1), Strong 13 (-3), Vigilant 7 (+3)
Abilities  Theurgy (Novice), Blessed Shield (Novice), Witch Hammer (Novice), Dominate (Novice), Leader (Novice)
Weapons  Sword 1D8, Witch Hammer 1D8+1D4/1D6
Armor  Tunic and robes (Flexible) 1D4, Blessed Shield 1D4+1D4
Attack  vs 15 (Melee)
  vs 12 (Steel Shield)
Toughness 13 Pain Threshold 7
Equipment  2 bottles of Holy Water, 2 bottles of Protective Oil
Shadow  Burnished golden silk
Corruption  0/11 Corruption Threshold 6

Description:  A traveller in priestly robes and a simple tunic, with a patch of cloth running over his right eye. Underneath the eyepatch is a blackened hollow full of smoldering coals, and whenever Elion’s steady emotions bubble to the surface it causes blisters across his body to bubble and burn away to reveal similar pits of hot red power.

Tactics: Starts an engagement by calling on the embers of Prios to protect him, then channels holy fire into his blade to strike down his foes.

Traits, Boons, and Burdens

Privileged: Elion hails from the noble family Elandel and although they have practically disowned him for his heresy, he knows how to put himself forward as a noble if it is necessary.

Contacts: Elion has lost favor with the main branch of the Church, but has found an attentive sect among the leadership of the Templars.

Fire Forged: His enlightenment and his burning at the stake has left Elion infused with holy flames. He is not immune to fire, but it seems reluctant to touch him, and he sometimes uses protective oils to extend this boon.

Mystical Mark: His ordeals have left Elion marked with mystical embers throughout his body and right eye especially. Commoners and witch-finders may mistake it for a blight mark, and those who have heard of him may know him as a dangerous heretic.

+50 Experience

Traits  Privileged (House Elandel), Contacts (Knights of the Dying Sun)
Boons  Fire Forged
Burdens  Mystical Mark, +Wanted, +Arch Enemy
Abilities  Theurgy (+Adept), Blessed Shield (+Adept), Witch Hammer (Novice), Dominate (Novice), Leader (+Adept)
Equipment  Sun Mask (Radiates light, +1 to holy effects)

Wanted: His continued career as an itinerant heretic and the rampant schism in the church has led to Elion being actively hunted by the Twilight Friars.

Arch Enemy: The self-taught witch hunter Adogai Lethona has come to nurse a specific personal hatred of the Sect of Dead Prios in general and Elion specifically, and has a fate in store for the heretical priest that requires apprehending him before the Black Cloaks do. In a few cases, Adogai has even used his extensive resources to have Elion released from captivity so that the hunt can continue.

Tactics: Elion has come to be more comfortable in relying on allies in his struggles. His Blessed Shield can be extended to an ally, and it is more powerful than before. He can also direct his allies to target specific opponents for additional damage.

Playing or running the Unkindled

Elion can work perfectly well as a player character, excellent for character-driven campaigns where the players are interested in intertwining themselves with the political factions of the world. But he can be just as effective as a non-player character to introduce religious and political themes. Elion specifically connects to the development of the Templárs in the Throne of Thorns campaign, where Iakobo Vearra converts the Knights of the Dying Sun into a sort of death cult out to avenge the perceived death of Prios at the hands of everyone they disagree with. Elion could be the one who introduced the idea to the Knight Commander, or he could just be one of many priests who have had their eyes opened to the same truth. In any case, he might be reluctant to actually participate in these sects. His faith has been burnt to dust, and he has had enough of fanatics. For a particularly dramatic entrance, the group may encounter Elion during a futile attempt to burn him at the stake.

He could figure as a lone pilgrim wandering the roads of Ambria or bright Davokar. He could be on his way to Jakad’s Heart in Blight Night or some other holy place hoping to find evidence that Prios has not abandoned this world, something to rekindle his dead faith. Elion could also turn up as a captive, held by a group of Black Cloaks or other witch-finders, or in some prison the players find themselves thrown into.  Later on in his career, he might have attracted a small group of cult followers who refuse to be dismissed by their reluctant leader.

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  1. Dude this is fantastic.
    I am always scared to put something like that up, cause i fear that i could destroy something from the Story. But this is perfect.
    I am really excited to use this charakter in my campaign.

    Thanks very much for this artive and all the other work you are doing here.

    Your Work is great 😉

    1. Master Xaras says: Reply

      Thank you!
      You shouldn’t be afraid to put together characters that represent your interpretation of the world. Symbaroum is a brand new world and that offers an ideal opportunity to pick it up and take it in your own direction.
      With Elion, I looked at the Dying Sun faction of the church and I asked myself “Where would this belief start? How does someone come to this version of the faith?” and I also looked over the Boons and Burdens of the APG to see what interesting concepts you could put together out of a less-than-optimal combination.

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