The Sculpted

You are Slab, a rough sculpture as if slapped-together from pieces of mud. You were a gladiator for the enjoyment of your human masters. Never with more than your rough hands, you were forced to kill – men, dwarves, things. One of your dwarven victims whispered a secret with her last breath. The secret was […]


The people of Ambria enjoy games. Gambling with dice, racing horses, competing in craftsmanship and chivalric arts are all popular passtimes and events to spectate – but in many ways these games are indicative of different social status. A noble would never be caught carrying a set of dice. A pauper would never be invited to a […]

The Wild Frontier

When people think of fantasy settings, it can be difficult to get away from the image of old ivy-covered castles and rickety towns that have stood for centuries – a land where the people have always been the way they are, and where the biggest upheaval is a change of colours that fly from the […]


Maroa of Glimmer. You are condemned for the practice of witchcraft and ungodly ritual. As witnessed by four neighbours, two wise lads, and the Lord Prios Himself, your crimes are beyond doubt. As a servant of the Church of the Sun, I sentence you to be hanged to death, to be left in the light […]