Symbaroum Adventure Writing Contest 2019: Ballads of Blackhawk

Come warm yourselves by the fire, friends. Share a meal with a fellow traveller, and I will sing you a song of adventure. It’s a story of a troupe much like yours. Some might call them heroes, but I leave that for you to decide – aren’t we all just human after all?”

Gather round, Symbarians!

To celebrate this wonderful community, we are putting together the first ever Symbaroum Adventure Writing Contest! We want to encourage every creative spirit in the Symbaroum community to show off their writing chops and write a short scenario.


The troubadour Blackhawk has travelled the length of Ambria and parts of Davokar for decades. He has heard countless stories and found himself in perilous situations more than he cares for – but at least he always comes out of it with a good story to tell for a drink at the next stop.

  • The adventure should feature the travelling troubadour Blackhawk – first featured in the adventure Blight Night (Adventure Pack I).

Submission Rules:

  1. The scenario has to take place in the world of Symbaroum.
  2. Submit your scenario by mailing it to
  3. Submissions will be accessible on and
  4. Submissions that exceed a length of 1500 words will receive a scoring penalty.
  5. Scenario titles and stat blocks do not add to the word count.
  6. All submissions are anonymous until the contest is over.
  7. Send your submission in a text attachment or directly in the mail. No PDFs.
  8. Multiple submissions are allowed.
  9. Authors are free to vote for their own submission.
  10. The last day for submissions is Wednesday, May 1, 2019.
  11. Three winners will be decided on through a poll which ends on Friday, May 31, 2019.


  1. First place will have their adventure illustrated by Nicolas Arnold and will get a professional layout
  2. Second place wins a drivethruRPG giftcard of 30 USD
  3. Third place wins a drivethruRPG giftcard of 15 USD

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This is a collaboration between, and Samuel Modig.

6 Replies to “Symbaroum Adventure Writing Contest 2019: Ballads of Blackhawk”

  1. Yesterday I submitted an adventure for the contest called Rite of Passage. Can anyone please confirm that it has been recieved? Thanks!

    1. Master Xaras says: Reply

      Yep! I haven’t had a chance to put it up on the site yet, but we’ve got it!

  2. Timothy Olenio says: Reply

    (I had sent this to the Symbaroum Contest email but I wasn’t sure it would be noticed there so I copied it here)

    Dear Ordo Magica,
    oday I was looking over the Adventure entries and I noticed only one of my submissions was in the competition. My first entry is “Born of Graves” but my second, “Witch Marks”, is no where to be found. They were both attached to the same email and I thought the rules said we were allowed multiple entries. So has there been a mistake or is there something I’m missing?

    Fantastic idea for I contest by the way, Symbaroum is my all time favourite RPG. I’m also a huge fan of Iron Pact and your blogs. Keep up the phenomenal work.


    Timothy Olenio

    1. Master Xaras says: Reply

      Hey! Sorry about that. It’s now posted on the site.

  3. Hello!

    Perhaps it is a silly question, but how do we vote? Should we send an email to the submission address?


    1. Master Xaras says: Reply

      Heya! Just follow this link:

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