Teaser: Quenched in Gristle

For a time, finding an enchanted weapon or a magical trinket in the city was as easy as whispering a secret word in an alley or down a drain. The lords and guilds and wizards were concerned of course – unchecked magic is the seed of rot and ruin.

But for the people of the city the allure was too much to ignore, despite the staggering price.


Quenched in Gristle is an adventure for Symbaroum set in the city of Kurun. It is a tale of gruesome magic, dark markets, and the unseen missing.

Coming soon.

4 Replies to “Teaser: Quenched in Gristle”

  1. Looking forward to the full article!

  2. Was this ever finished?!
    … I really liked the teaser, but haven’t found anything since then.

    1. I finished running it a while back but I haven’t had the time to put it fully together! You will probably see Sleepless in the Mist posted in a month or two (should be a nice Halloween episode) and I’ll see about finishing up QIG after that!

  3. Márcio Souza de Vargas says: Reply

    Looking forward to this adventure!

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